Celebrate your little one’s first birthday by making a fun and yummy smash cake! It’s easier than you might think to make one at home, especially with this simple vanilla cake recipe.

I had never made one before, and I had never really decorated a cake before either, aside from slapping on some icing with a spatula and going shake crazy with some sprinkles.

I was ready to give it my best shot, though, and I ended up being pretty proud of my work!

It actually isn’t that hard at all, and while my cake certainly isn’t anywhere near the quality of a professional’s, I was still very happy with it, and so was our little birthday girl.

If you want to make a two layer smash cake (like I did), search your cabinets for two small, round, glass pyrex bowls.

- Kenneth L Brotzel

You will want to flatten out the tops of your cakes, which you can do by cutting a very thin layer off the top of each with a knife.

 If you want to make roses, take the tip of your icing bag, squirt and move in a circular motion, swirling around in a circle from the center.