Chipotle Pork Carnitas Burritos Bowls

These Chipotle Pork Carnitas Burritos Bowls start with flavorful, juicy pork that cooks all day in your crockpot.

Layer it up with rice, homemade Pico de Gallo, and all of your favorite toppings for a delicious lunch or dinner!


– Roma tomatoes – jalapeño – green onions – cilantro – lime juice – salt – romaine lettuce – avocado – sour cream

Prepare pork carnitas according to directions.

To make Pico de Gallo, combine tomatoes, jalapeño, green onions, cilantro, lime juice, and salt in a small bowl. Refrigerate until ready to use.

To serve, place 2/3 cup rice in each bowl, then top with 3/4 cup cooked pork carnitas.

Spoon homemade Pico de Gallo over the top, then finally add any additional desired toppings.