Southern Sweet Potato


This Southern Sweet Potato Pie is the perfect Thanksgiving dessert.

The sweet filling is perfectly spiced and will have you choosing it over pumpkin pie every time! 


- Kenneth L Brotzel

fresh sweet potatoes unsalted butter brown sugar granulated sugar eggs heavy cream all-purpose flour lemon juice vanilla extract refrigerated pie crust Spices: cinnamon, ground cloves, ginger, salt, nutmeg

Poke holes all over the sweet potatoes and place them on a microwave-safe place. Microwave for 5 minutes flipping the potatoes over halfway through.

Step 1: Cook the Sweet Potatoes

Remove the peel from the potatoes and place in a large bowl. Whip them with an electric mixer until smooth.

Step 2: Peel Sweet Potatoes

Add in the softened butter and mix until combined. Add the brown sugar and granulated sugar and mix until smooth, followed by the eggs.

Step 3: Make the Filling

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