The Best Apple Crisp


This Apple Crisp recipe is the best fall dessert!

Fresh sliced apples are topped with a buttery cinnamon oat topping that tastes divine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

My family took a little trip to a local apple orchard this past weekend.

But our kids still had a good time, especially since it was their first time going apple picking. Plus, we came home with a “peck” of apples to put to good use!

We were lucky enough to pick my favorite kind of apples, Honeycrisp. Their sweet yet tart nature and sturdy composition make an irresistible dessert!

- Kenneth L Brotzel


- fresh apples - granulated white sugar - cinnamon - vanilla extract - all purpose flour - old fashioned oats - cinnamon - butter


I slice my apples using this slicer to speed up the process and remove the core easily. If your topping is starting to get too brown but your apples still need more time to cook, simply place some aluminum foil loosely over the top of your  pan and continue baking.